Dmitrii Bondarenko spends his birthday behind bars

Today, 28 September, the coordinator of "European Belarus" and personal aide of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov is celebrating his birthday.

He is 48 years old.

The political prisoner is not able to celebrate this birthday with family and friends, because he is in prison. The Belarusian dictatorship put the politician behind bars for two years for the events of 19 December 2010.

In prison, Dmitrii Bondarenko has undergone torture and abuse, had surgery on his spine and did not receive complete post-operative rehabilitation; but all this could not break this courageous person.

In early September it was announced that Dmitrii Bondarenko had been nominated for the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize “for freedom of thought”, on the initiative of the Polish parliamentarian Marek Migalski.

This prestigious award was established by the European Parliament in 1988. It is awarded to individuals and organizations that dedicate their lives and activities to protect human rights and freedom, especially freedom of speech.

You can congratulate the prisoner of conscience by sending birthday cards and telegrams to the following address:
Republic of Belarus, 213105, Bondarenko Dmitrii Evgenevich, Mogilyov, Slavgorodskoe Highway, Veino, Penal Colony № 15, quarantine.