Belarusians against Lukashenka hereditary presidential succession

In the evening of 12 May a man in mask with moustache, characteristic comb-over and a crown on his head appeared near Kirmash shopping center in the southeast part of Minsk. Many people recognised the first person of the state in him. The popular quotations could be heard from the man in mask: “I am not obliged to anyone,” “You will live badly, but not for long,” “I don’t want my authority to fall below the knees in the eyes of these people.” The odd man worried passers-by and asked if they recognised their president.

May Day not for everyone: arrests of participants of trade union demonstration in Minsk

More than 20 activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” were detained near the National library in Minsk, where the official trade union celebrated May Day. Among the detained are Zmitser Barodka, Yauhen Afnahel, Andrei Babitski, the Young Front leaders Zmitser Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Zmitser Khvedaruk, and chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Hramada) Mikola Statkevich.