Belarusians hang out banners on high-risers and national flags – on electrical wires

On 3 May activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” hung out national flags and banners calling to release political prisoners Alyaksandr Kazulin, Andrei Kim and Syarhei Parsyukevich in the Minsk city district Zakhad.

Paval, one of the participants of the action, comments: “Struggle for freedom of the country is indissolubly related to struggle for freedom of its every citizen, including those, who are repressed for their political views.

In 1995 strengthening of dictatorship began with cancelling of historical symbols of our country. 14 May is the anniversary of this date. But white-red-white flag has remained a symbol of freedom, symbol of struggle for thousands of the Belarusians. In spite of bans it is unfurled on street actions, hung out in city streets, which encourages our supporters. I believe, we will soon live in a free and democratic country, in European Belarus, where there will be no political prisoners, corrupt officials and journalists, and state white-red-white flag will flutter above Independence Square!”