Andrei Sannikov is charged

The charge is monstrous and absurd, like all the repressions unleashed by the dictatorial regime. “The candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Sannikov, is accused of organizing mass riots, including violence against a person, violent attacks, destruction of property, and armed resistance to representatives of the Government,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus said.

In the opinion of the investigators, Sannikov’s guilt “has been proven in full by the evidence obtained in the course of the criminal investigation”. After Sannikov and his lawyers have acquainted themselves with the materials of the criminal case, it will be sent to the prosecutor’s office in Minsk and onwards to the court.

On Tuesday the lawyers Marina Kovalevskaya and Andrei Varvashevich were able to meet with the political prisoner in the KGB jail. Today, the lawyers attended investigatory activities in the presence of Andrei Sannikov.

Marina Kovalevskaya and Andrei Varvashevich were not informed of the completion of the preliminary investigation.

“The defence of Andrei Sannikov has no information about the completion of the investigation,” the advocates reported.

According to the defence lawyers, the politician suffers from gout and otitis. He receives medical care, in as far as this is possible in the conditions of the KGB jail. In the words of the defence lawyers, Sannikov looks “satisfactory”.

Andrei Sannkov said that he loves everybody; he thanked them for their support. Of course, it is difficult in such conditions, but he hopes for better, the defence lawyer said.

Today Marina Kovalevskaya and Andrei Varvashevich lodged an appeal with the prosecutor of Minsk, asking him to stop the criminal prosecution of Andrei Sannikov and change the measure of restraint from detention to a softer form. The content of appeals cannot be disclosed because it may represent a secret of the investigation.