Motorists are preparing for another increase in fuel prices

According to unofficial information, fuel prices will rise again in the very near future.

The fourth increase this year will bring the cost of the most popular type of gasoline, A-92, to the present official rate of a dollar. It is not impossible that this Saturday, motorists will be forced to pay 5100 rubles per litre for A-92.

In the concern “Belneftekhim” they are neither confirming nor denying this information for the moment. We note that the press secretary for the concern, Maryna Kostyuchenka, stated that a motorist should always have a reserve supply of fuel.

“This information is not available, but it is a question I have been asked every day since the end of April. You should always keep a reserve supply of fuel.”

This fourth price rise will clearly not be the last this year. The harvesting season is ahead, when traditionally the prices for diesel fuel and petrol are higher in Belarus, as the government offsets the cost of agriculture in this way.

Rygor Sapejynsk, Minsk.