After his political declaration, Andrei Sannikov is not receiving letters

On 7 June Alla Sannikov met with her son, the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, at the detention centre on Volodarskii Street.

“Andrei said that no letters have been reaching him for a long time. This started just after his political statement was made freely available, in which my son demands a second round of elections supervised by the international community.”

According to the politicians’s mother, Sannikov feels well, has not lost his cheerful mood, and above all asks her to watch her health:

“He did not complain about anything. He said, ‘The important thing is for you to hang on’ and that he will withstand everything. This is basically what he says: that he will withstand everything. I hope that in the future he will not have to withstand what he has suffered already.”

Andrei Sannikov, according to his mother, did not know that he will serve his sentence in prison in Novopolotsk. Alla Sannikova has written a statement to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dealing with allocating prisons, asking that her son be sent to a different colony, as in the Novopolotsk area the environmental situation is very bad. Alla Sannikova has no information that the application has been considered.