The KGB is not returning belongings

The staff of the KGB are refusing to return the personal possessions of Vladimir Lemesh, a coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus" and a representative of Andrei Sannikov.

They sent Vladimir a letter in which it is stated that “in the course of a criminal investigation a large amount of investigative actions are carried out; at the present time it is not possible to decide the issue concerning the return of property seized from you.”

We remind you that at that time, while Vladimir was under arrest for ten days for taking part in the rally on 19 December, his home was searched. For some reason, the staff of the KGB decided, amongst other things, to take away EU flags, a national white-red-white flag, material with a bison design on which was a collection of badges, and a banner entitled “European march”.

At first, Vladimir made a complaint to the prosecutor of Soligorsk, as he believes that the listed property has no relation with a criminal matter and is not prohibited for circulation and should be returned. The reply from the prosecutor explained that it was necessary to contact not them (the prosecutor’s office staff), but the senior investigator of the KGB Administration of the Republic of Belarus, for Minsk city and the Minsk region.