Mikhail Marynich: “Belarusian authorities hush up awful things”

Hearings “Chernobyl today,“ dedicated to the situation in Belarus, were held in the European Parliament on 17 April. Members of the working group on Belarusian affairs, representatives of the European Commission, and delegations of democratic forces and civil society in Belarus took part in the hearing. The Charter’97 press center talks about the hearing in Brussels with Mikhail Marynich, former political prisoner and member of the organising committee of the civil campaign “European Belarus.”

No to militia mayhem!

Palina and Paval Kuryanovich, activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus,” were released on 12 April. Brother and sister were detained at different protests actions. Paval was detained at the picket demanding to stop repressions by Chinese military forces in Tibet, Palina – at the action near the Russian embassy, where young Belarusians came with a poster “No to Russia, yes to European Union!”

Lukashenka’s regime provokes U.S. to impose international sanctions

“Closed discussion in the Belarusian “parliament” on air defence system building in Venezuela is in the line of war with the U.S. Someone is drawing anti-American line and trying to include a military component into there. It is apparently made for the U.S. to take Lukashenka’s regime seriously and to demand imposing of international sanctions,” Andrei Sannikov, international coordinator of Charter’97, thinks.