Campaign News

Riot militia broke ribs of participants of Freedom Day demonstration

Doctors of Minsk hospital No 3 diagnosed Andrei Babitski, activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus,” with “closed displaced fracture of eighth rib.” The youth activist and dozens of other participants of the demonstration on 25 March were beaten up brutally by riot militiamen. Emergency brigade, called to the Savetski district internal affairs department, refused to help the oppositionist.

Ten days of arrest for action near Russian embassy

Activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Palina Kuryanovich is sentenced to 10 days of arrest for an attempt to hold an action near the Russian embassy against possible Belarus’ joining to the Russian Federation, which was to be held on 2 April. The trial lasted 5 minutes; the sentence was read by Tatsyana Paulyuchuk, judge of the Tsentralny district court of Minsk.